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ULTIMEA 5.1 Dolby Atmos Sound Bar, Peak Power 410W, Sound Bar for Smart TV with Subwoofer, 3D Surround Sound System for TV, Surround and Bass Adjustable Home Theater, Poseidon D60 Series

This border audio system enables audio to relocate easily around the audience in a 3D area and develops an also higher feeling of deepness, instructions, and room, bordering you in the tale. With ULTIMEA home audio noise bars, you can acquire specifically the exact same experience as you view flick in the cinema.True 5.1 Immersive Surround Sound System For Television: Television audio bar with 3 major audio networks for a crystal-clear discussion, constructs also better on the abilities of border audio by including 2 border audio speakers and 1 cordless speaker. ULTIMEA noise bars for Television with speaker use Dolby Atmos modern technology which precisely determines audio resource, and makes you experience an impressive 3D border noise that covers you from all angles!Two Adjustable Surround Speakers For True Surround Sound: This 5.1 soundbar for

television has 2 border audio speakers with 20 feet expanded cable television, which enables you to place them based on your choices and space design while appreciating a much more secure border noise than cordless.

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