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Review & Comparison | Marantz SR Home Theater Receiver Lineup

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You’ll get all the latest video tech with the new SR series. All are HDMI HDCP 2.3 certified, they work with Dolby Vision, and they’re ISF certified. All of them are also capable of HDMI 2.1, which gives you the ability to connect up future 8K gaming consoles. HDMI 2.1 supports a higher frame-rate that will improve the gaming experience. They also all support eARC which has the ability to send Dolby Atmos back down an HDMI cable from your TV. If you’re one of the lucky ones out there and you have a new 8K TV, this would allow you to watch the 8K resolution content that’s showing up on YouTube, and get audio over to your receiver in full Dolby Atmos. The bottom line is these new models are as future proof as anything out there!

You’ll find every model has Dolby Atmos and DTS-X. One feature Marantz has added this year we really like is the ability to do 2 room correction memories. All of the Marantz receivers have Audyssey which is a great system to fix room acoustic problems. Marantz included Dolby Atmos “Height Virtualization” this year on all the SR models which simulates height speakers. If you want to stream music, you’ll find it very easy with all of the Marantz models as they have “Heos” built-in (which has almost all of the major streaming services built-in), Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplay2, and Spotify Connect. Also, they’re all Roon Tested for those of you who have discovered this very cool music management system. WiFi streaming supports High-Resolution Audio formats as well. Another feature we are really happy to see is their ability to transmit audio to a set of bluetooth headphones for private TV listening. Finally, all of the SR receivers have a moving magnet phono preamp for your vinyl playback-system.

The SR5015 home theater receiver gives you 6 HDMI inputs with 2 outputs. One of the HDMI inputs will accept an 8K signal. You get 7 on board powered channels which can be configured for a 5 channel surround system with a powered zone-two, or a full 7-channel surround-system in either a 5.2.2 with two Dolby Atmos speakers or 7.2 with mains, surrounds and rears. There are preamp outs for all the channels should you wish to add more power later, as well as preamp outs for zone-two if you are using all 7 channels for your home theater. If you noticed the “.2”, yes, the SR5015 has two independent subwoofer outputs, which is pretty cool.

We think the SR6015 is the best value in the whole line up. You get 7 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs with one 8K input. Power is only 10 watts more per channel than the SR5015 with the same two channels at-a-time honest-specs, but the big deal on the SR6015 is its decoding capabilities, extra powered channels, and a big jump in Audyssey. The SR6015 has 9 powered channels on board but has decoding for 7.2.4 channels built-in. For many rooms, your most immersive bang-for-the-buck is to go with a 5.1.4 configuration with two pairs of Atmos speakers. The SR6015 can power this right out of the box. Should you later decide to add another pair of rears, the decoding and preamp outs are built-in. All you would need to do is add a small 2 channel power amp.

The SR7015 adds one more HDMI input and a 3rd zone — but otherwise, the two units are very similar from a capability standpoint. The reason you get the SR7015 is it’s much better amplifier section. Marantz paid special attention to the power – supply, caps, and output devices in the SR7015 to give it an even “warmer” sound with far more dynamic impact. Even though both of these units have 9 powered channels and the output difference is only 15 watts per channel, the SR7015 is almost ten pounds heavier due to the much more massive power amps that are built-in.

Marantz has pulled out all the stops for their top-of-the-line receiver. Like the SR7015, it’s mostly about a big step-up in sound, but also adds a few features as well. First, this is one beast of a home theater receiver weighing in at almost 40 pounds due to its very large power transformer that sits right in the middle of the unit. Like the SR8105, you get 8 HDMI inputs and 2 outs with one of the inputs being 8K-capable. Power is rated at 140 watts per channel, but with its big reserves, the SR8015 has pretty amazing dynamics. You also get 11 powered channels built-in with decoding for up to 13 with full preamp outputs for all channels for those of you who might want to go to 7.2.6 or 9.2.4 with just the addition of a two-channel amp!