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Installing the ‘in a box’ Dolby Atmos Home Cinema!

0:00 – Intro.
0:48 – Exploring the Gear.
1:46 – Projector Setup.
2:48 – Soundbar Impressions.
3:38 – Modular Atmos.
4:18 – Intro to ALR Screens.
4:58 – Soundbar Thoughts.
6:15 – ALR Screen Thoughts.
7:10 – AWOL Projector Thoughts.
7:58 – 3D is SO COOL.

Real X Giveaway details: Like the video clip, be subscribed and allow us recognize in the remarks where you would certainly make use of the system and what it’s changing (if anything).

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Equipment We Use|

AWOL LTV-3000 Pro + ALR Screen:
LTV-3000 Pro Plus 100''-132'' Cinematic ALR Screen Bundle
( usage code “circulation”).

Yamaha True X Soundbar:

Many thanks to Yamaha for sending out real X Soundbar with optional backs and to AWOL for the LTV-300 Pro. Free gift info and item web links are listed below!